TinyS - the earbuds everyone is talking about.

TinyS is the most desired earbuds for employee use and as a customer gift. 

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  • I'm sure that anyone who has the opportunity to try Joy products will be surprised by the fit and size of the headphones, which in my opinion make these products the best in the whole the market.

    Jarmo Nevari, Founder Hifistudio

Great hi-fi sound reproduction

TinyS brings studio-level sound quality in the 20-20,000 Hz frequency range to your work and free time. Top-quality music creates an inspiring work atmosphere and helps sports and recovery in your free time. Test and be amazed how the smallest earbuds in the world brings the big and clean sound.

Finnish & ecological

The entire supply chain's carbon footprint is compensated and the packaging is small and completely plastic-free.

The loss guarantee saves the company costs when the manufacturer replaces the first lost part. All spare parts are also affordable.

Clear business calls

Significantly improve work results and efficiency in our company. Calls are clear even in noise and your hands are finally free in all calls and web meetings. This is guaranteed by special noise-cancelling chips and nano fabric layers in the microphone and long development work with Finnish companies and athletes.

TinyS TinyS TinyS TinyS
TinyS TinyS TinyS TinyS

Perfect for those with small ears

TinyS is also in its own class for smaller ears. The earphone is small in size and designed so that with a suitable adapter it fits perfectly even in a small ear. This combined with hi-fi sound quality and active background noise filtering - what else could you want from a headset?

Top class battery life

You can listen to music for up to 5.5 hours on a single charge. The conveniently included USB-C charging case fully charges the headphones four times, so there is enough power for up to 16 hours with the case.


Strengthen your company brand!

Create and generate team spirit and strengthen the company's brand with stylish and wanted high-end earphones. According to customer/employee surveys, high-quality electronics and ecological and domestic brands are the most desired gifts. TinyS fulfills all the features of a desired gift. In addition, it fits and stays in all ears for both men and women and works with all mobile phones, pads and laptops due to the latest bluetooth/chip technology.

What they say about us...

  • Markus

    The best fitting headphones!­čĹé­čĆ╝

    Very comfortable earphones! I use them to listen to podcasts and heavy music. When you make sure that you can put the headphones well in your ears, the bass is really strong! I like that they come out of the ears very little, which looks a lot better than most older generation earbuds.

  • Nooralotta Neziri

    Perfect headphones for sports! ­čśŹ

    For me, as a professional athlete, headphones are one of the most important things that I carry with me all the time. I can run, jump and move - still the TonyS headphones stay in my ears and I don't even notice them. In addition, the quality and richness of the music are really important factors for me when I choose the right headphones for me. I love the hi-fi sound quality of these. You can't even believe that it comes from such small headphones.

  • Jarmo Nevari

    An incredible sound experience­čÄĄ

    I have several years of experience in the field of audio products, e.g. As the CEO of Hifistudio. I think the TinyS headphones are one of the best headphones ever in their price range. Great value for money. In the same package, you get great-looking wireless headphones in the smallest possible size. In addition, they offer an incredible fit and sound experience that lasts for several hours thanks to a good battery.

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