The brand

Our mission is to create better audio experiences through a brand that evokes positivity in everyday moments. We believe that positive moments in daily life matter, and these can change the world into a more JOYful place.

JOY - positive vibes. 

Our four core values are:

JOYfulness - Our mission is to create better audio experiences and generate positive feelings and vibes in everyday moments. JOY is all about sharing joy via audio.

Enthusiasm - we love to create better and better audio experiences, as well as inspire and be inspired by the people around us. TinyS is a perfect example of where such enthusiasm can take us!

Helping - we are on a journey together with our customers and partners. We appreciate this journey and express it every day through words and actions. 

Sustainability - We love the Planet. We try to minimize waste. We have carefully chosen the packaging materials, minimized the package size, helped our customers recycle, and offered them a loss warranty to prolong the product cycle.