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Yes, our packaging is recyclable. It is a cardboard box without plastic. We have also designed our packaging to be as small as possible to avoid unnecessary use of cardboard.

Sustainability is very important for us, and we are happy to receive all our old earbuds, which we then break down and recycle the recyclable components. If you want to send us your old earbuds, we will take care of the recycling if you take care of the shipping costs. Please send us email to:

TinyS are classified as IPX 4. They tolerate water very well. They are not harmed if dropped into water,
used accidentally when taking a shower, used in rainy conditions or being used during exhausting
training causing contact with sweat.
The earbuds do have a 36 months guarantee in case you would face problems.

It is important to have the right-sized ear fittings and place them correctly in your ear. The earbuds are supplied with seven different-sized plastic ear fittings (S,M, L, XL + three narrower pieces better suitable for use during sleep ). Try which one feels most comfortable for you. When you place the earbuds use the Left and Right signs and JOY logo in them to get them in the right position. When the R/L is above the logo and horizontal, you have placed them correctly.

Thanks to their small size and technical properties, the earbuds cancel well noise and wind. In very windy conditions, or when bicycling, a helpful tip is to use only one earbud and leave the other one in the box. The microphone will catch less noise and you are able to turn your head to decrease the wind effect.

Either or! Double click in the touch panel is the main function to play, stop and answer the calls. Double
click prevents mistakes in your important actions. Check the instructions here

We have tested the earbuds in even very extreme conditions during the Finnish winter, and even in the sauna. They work perfectly even in these very harsh conditions! You could use them even in the low temperature sauna.
The earbuds alone or the box cannot be put in direct contact with hot or heating devices.

The TinyS batteries last for 5.5hours and the box for 15 hours.
It takes 1.5 hours to recharge the box fully.
Tiny has a battery life of 6 hours and the boc has 18 hours.

These earbuds have been designed to give freedom to move. The range is 15-30 meters depending on where they are used. E.g walls and even big muscles between (phone down in the back pocket) the earbuds and the device might affect the strength of the bluetooth signal.

Yes! If your earbuds are connected to the device, you can answer an incoming call by double-clicking the earbud or clicking the device they are connected to. The quality of sound is excellent thanks to the microphones having a nanofilm and noise cancellation properties and an algorithm tracking environmental noise cancellation. With some devices we have learned that the quality of sound has been weaker than it should. In these cases the reason typically has been an old bluetooth version in the device.

Yes, passive in music and active in the calls. If you use the earbuds when not speaking on the phone or listening to music as such they cancel noise by excellent full fit design. When you are speaking on the phone, the earbuds´ active ENP noise cancellation starts to work. And if you are listening to music the passive DSP noise cancellation adapts to the surroundings. In addition, the earbuds have a program with the learning function to improve noise cancellation when in use.

The company behind the earbuds is Finnish with employees and partners from Finland and various
European and Asian countries. The Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and R&D are in Finland. The components are sourced from different countries, mainly Asia and the earbuds are assembled at our partner’s factory in Asia.

The earbuds have a gaming mode ( see instructions), which decreases e.g. lagging, This is also an useful feature if you like to listen to e-books at a faster pace!

Yes, we are. We are looking for partners especially outside Finland, Please be in contact with