TinyS - The Smallest Earbuds

These are what everyone's talking about. TinyS are the market's smallest wireless headphones, which also perfectly fit those with small ears. We give you a 30-day full satisfaction guarantee, and you can test and try the headphones in peace.


Choose color. Limited amount of white and black for 129€ (norm. 149 €)

White 129 € PINk 149 € Black 129 €
  • I'm absolutely amazed at how well these Joy TinyS sound, fit, and stay in my tiny ears. They don't weigh down my ears at all. Absolutely perfect. And a wonderful Finnish company and brand.

    Ninny Valentini World Champion World Champion and music fan

Superb hi-fi sound

TinyS headphones' newest technology brings studio-quality sound to you every moment – whether you're on the move or at your desk.

Clear Calls

Melua vaimentavat erikoissirut mikrofoneissa ja nanokangaskerrokset mikrofonissa mahdollistavat paljon selkeämmät puhelut melussa, vauhdissa ja tuulessa. Asiakkaiden mielestä TinyS- kuulokkeet ovat markkinoiden parhaat kuulokkeet puheluihin.


Choose color. Limited amount of white and black for 129€ (norm. 149 €)

White 129 € PINk 149 € Black 129 €

Finnish & eco-friendly - 3-year warranty

  • The entire supply chain's carbon footprint is offset
  • Market's smallest plastic-free product packaging
  • Delivery in a small letter envelope around the world
  • World's first loss warranty
TinyS TinyS TinyS TinyS
TinyS TinyS TinyS TinyS
  • Functions

    Volume control

    Control volume conveniently

    Game Mode

    Listen to audiobooks and voice messages at a faster speed

    Answering the calls

    Answer, end, and Play/Pause calls with a double tap, avoiding accidental touches during sports or sleep

  • Battery

    Listening time

    5.5 hours of playback time with the earbuds alone and 16 hours with the charging case (3 full charges with the USB-C charging case)

    Charging time

    1,5 hours

  • Connectivity


    Selects the device from which the sound is coming at lightning speed

    All devices

    Puhelimet, läppärit ja kaikki muut Bluetooth-laitteet kuten TV:t ja älykellot

    Wireless connection

    Bluetooth 5.3 (Newest 2023 technology)

Excellent batterylife

Enjoy up to 5.5 hours of music playback on a single charge. The convenient and portable USB-C charging case fully replenishes the earbuds four times, providing a total of up to 16 hours of playtime with the case.


3 Year Warranty

If you lose one earbud or the charging case, you can get a free replacement delivered to your home. If more than a year has passed since your purchase and you lose one earbud or the case, you can buy a replacement.

Satisfaction and Fit Guarantee

TinyS fits and stays perfectly in small ears. The earbud is small in size and designed to fit perfectly in every ear, even the largest, with the right earbud tip. This, combined with high-fidelity sound quality and skillful noise cancellation optimization – what else could you ask for from earbuds?


And choose color. Limited amount of white and black for 129€ (norm. 149 €)

White 129 € PINk 149 € Black 129 €

What do our users say?

  • Satu

    Best fitting earphones!👂🏼

    Very few earbuds fit me because my ears are small. They fall out if I can even get them in my ears, and they feel uncomfortable in every way. Joy earbuds are in a class of their own: they fit even small ears, are easy to use, have good sound quality, a decent battery life, and are easy to carry around - thanks to the super small case - and they are even pretty.

  • Nooralotta Neziri

    Perfect headphones for sports! 😍

    As a professional athlete, headphones are one of the most important things that I carry with me all the time. I can run, jump, and move – yet the TonyS earphones stay in my ears and I don't even notice them. In addition, the quality and richness of the music are really important factors for me when I choose the right headphones for myself. I love the hi-fi sound quality of these. Sometimes you can't even believe that it comes from such small headphones.

  • Jarmo Nevari

    Incredible sound experience 🎤

    I have several years of experience in the audio products industry, including as the CEO of a HiFi studio. I believe that TinyS headphones are one of the best headphones in their price range ever. Great value for money. You get great-looking wireless headphones in the smallest possible size in the same package. In addition, they offer an incredible fit and sound experience that lasts for several hours thanks to a good battery.


How does TinyS work in wind and noise?

Exceptional Noise Cancellation with Nanofiber Technology and Microphones Thanks to its unique design and nanofiber technology microphones, TinyS provides exceptional noise cancellation, effectively blocking out ambient noise, chatter, and wind. Advanced Noise Cancellation Algorithm Through ten rounds of development, we have refined our algorithm to accurately identify speech amidst background noise and rustles. Our specialized chip kicks into action instantly when you start talking, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication. Single Earbud Mode for Windy Conditions or Cycling For extremely windy conditions or while cycling, consider using just one earbud and keeping the other in the charging case. This allows you to maintain situational awareness while still enjoying your music or taking calls.

Are the headphones controlled only with a phone or also by tapping the earbud?

Both Work! Either a double tap on the touchpad or a single press on Tiny's button is the primary function for controlling music and answering/hanging up calls. The double-tap feature on the TinyS touchpad effectively prevents accidental actions and makes the earbuds much more comfortable to use. Check out the instructions here: https://joyearbuds.com/pages/help

Do the headphones withstand rain or cold?

Water-Resistant and Durable for Everyday Use TinyS earbuds are IPX 4 rated, making them highly water-resistant. They can withstand being submerged in water, used in the shower, or exposed to rainy conditions without damage. This durability also extends to more strenuous activities like sports, where sweat may come into contact with the earbuds. Additionally, the earbuds come with a 36-month warranty for your peace of mind. Important Note: Please avoid placing the earbuds or charging case in direct contact with hot surfaces or objects to prevent damage.

What is the TinyS headphones' Power Mode?

Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity and Performance Leveraging the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip technology, TinyS earbuds deliver a significant boost in Bluetooth signal strength and speed. This enhanced performance makes the earbuds ideal for a variety of applications, including: Listening to audiobooks at faster speeds: The improved Bluetooth connection ensures seamless audio playback even when listening to audiobooks at accelerated rates. Gaming: The low latency and reliable connection provide a responsive and immersive gaming experience. Making calls with fast-paced speech: The superior Bluetooth performance enables clear and uninterrupted communication even during conversations with quick-talkers. Keeping your phone farther away: The extended Bluetooth range allows you to keep your phone at a greater distance from your earbuds, such as when working out at the gym. Activating Power Mode To activate the power mode, which further enhances the Bluetooth performance, simply tap the earbuds four times in quick succession. This mode is particularly useful when you need the most reliable and responsive Bluetooth connection possible.

No in-ear headphones have ever stayed in my ears before, should I try TinyS headphones?

TinyS Earbuds: A Perfect Fit for Many Numerous customers have praised TinyS earbuds as the best-fitting earbuds they've ever tried. We highly recommend giving TinyS earbuds a try, especially if you've struggled to find earbuds that fit comfortably and securely in your ears.

What is the range of the TinyS earbuds?

Unleash Your Mobility with TinyS Earbuds Designed to liberate your movement, TinyS earbuds offer a Bluetooth connection range of 15-30 meters, depending on the usage environment. Factors like walls or large muscle mass (e.g., keeping your phone in your back pocket) between the earbuds and the device can influence the strength of the Bluetooth signal.

3-5 day delivery

Delivery takes only a few days and arrives directly to your mailbox in an eco-friendly envelope.

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Wireless earbuds designed for an active lifestyle with studio-quality sound and top specs. The best choice on the market for those with small ears too! If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. (Regular price €149)

Get the just-launched new generation TinyS earbuds, now even better with new features. Thank you customers for your overwhelming support and product development assistance.


Choose color. Limited amount of white and black for 129€ (norm. 149 €)

White 129 € PINk 149 € Black 129 €