Street Instructions

How to connect Bluetooth and pair to a device?

Take the earbuds out of the charging case and they will automatically pair with each other. Then you can open Bluetooth e.g. on your mobile phone and search for 'JOY Street' to connect.

Reconnecting: Take out the earbuds from the charging case, they will automatically reconnect with the latest devices.

How to turn the earbuds on/off?

Power on: Take the earbuds out of the charging case or touch and hold for 5 seconds.

Power off:
- Place the earbuds back to the charging case.
- The earbuds automatically turn off when: 3 minutes have passed without pairing/connection.
- Touch and hold for 5 seconds to turn off the earbuds.

How to control music?

⏯️ PLAY/PAUSE: Tap once

Next song: Touch and hold the left earbud for 2 seconds and release (you will hear a prompt sound)

To the beginning of the song: Touch and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds and release (you will hear a prompt sound)

Previous song: Touch and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds and release. Touch and hold again for 2 seconds and release.

Volume up: Double-tap the right earbud

Volume down: Double-tap the left earbud

How to control phone calls?

Answer/end a call: Tap the earbud once to answer/end a call

To decline a call: Touch and hold the left or right earbud

Call the previous number again: tap the earbud 4 times

The earbuds play the ringtone of an incoming call, and the volume synchronization is enabled during the call.

Earbuds LED definitions

Power on: The red and blue lights flash alternately during power on

After successful pairing: One of the earbuds flashes red and blue alternately, and the LED light of the other earbud turns off.

When connected and in operation, the LED lights of the earbuds do not light up.

Power off: The LED light of the two earbuds will flash 3 times, after which the LED light will turn off

Charging: The red LED lights up. After fully charged, the LED light will flash for 10 seconds and turn off.

Charging case LED definitions

When putting the earbuds back into the charging case: The charging case LED will flash blue and the blue LED will turn off when the earbuds are fully charged.

When charging the case: the LED light flashes and the LED light turns off after full charging.


Automatic power off: When the earbuds can't connect to a device for 3 minutes.

Low battery charge: The earbuds turn off automatically when the low battery notification has been received three times.

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