JOY Tiny instructions 💎

1. Power on: Take earphones from the charging box or long-press for 1.5 secs.

Power off: put earphones back into the charging box or long-press for 4 secs

2. Play/ Pause: Press 1 time

3. Previous song/next song: Double-click the left earbud for the previous song; double-click the right earbud for the next song.

4. Pairing: Open the charging box, turn on your Bluetooth and search 'JOY Tiny' with your desired device to connect.

5. Volume up/down: Quick press right earbud 3 times to turn up volume and left earbud to turn down volume (Android and apple, both are available)

6. Voice assistant: Long press 2-3 secs.

7. Game mode: Quick press 5 times game mode, quick press 5 times again to return to music mode

8. Answer/Hang up a call: press 1 time to answer/hang up a call.

9. Reject call: long press 1 secs

10. Reset: Put both earbuds back into the charging box and wait until the white lights turn on. While both white lights are on, long press ~5 secs until the lights quickly flash 5 times, which indicates the reset has been successful.