Tiny Power Instructions

Turning earbuds on/off

1. Power on: open box or long touch 2 secs. Power off: put into box or long touch 10 secs.

Connecting Bluetooth

Pairing to phone: Open charging box, take earbuds out, find "JOY TinyS" to connect in your phone bluetooth

Controlling music

⏯️ PLAY/PAUSE: DOUBLE CLICK. 📞The same for answer/hang up the call
Next song: Long touch 1 sec on right ear, remove your finger The same song from the beginning or previous song: Long touch 1 sec on left ear, remove your finger and do again
Volume: one click left down or right up

Controlling phonecalls

Gamemode & Voice

Siri and Google voice assistant: Click 3 times
Game/Power mode: Quick click 4 times (Faster reaction in gaming, movies and audio books/podcasts)

Reseting Eadbuds

Reset TinyS ▶️
1. Unpair earbuds from your phone
2. Put both earbuds into the charging box (it needs to have charging left)
3.Press both touch panels about 12 secs at the same time (both earbuds in the box) untill the lights flash quickly
4. Take both earbuds out of the charging box💎 Reset is done.

Changing earpad

Correct way to insert the earbuds


Video Tutorial