TinyS instructions 💎

Switch on:

Pick the earphones from the charging box, and they will automatically turn on and automatically connect to the connected wireless device; or press the outer surface for about 2 seconds. The blue indicator lights flash and the earphones are switched on.

Switch off:

Place the earphones in the charging box, close the box, and they will automatically turn off. Alternatively, press the earbud’s outer surface for about 5 seconds.


  1. Pick up the earbuds from the charging box, and they will pair automatically with each other.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth connection of your device (phone, PC, etc). You should find “JOY TinyS” and you can connect the earbuds with your device.


When earphones are turned on after the first successful connection, they will automatically connect to the last paired phone by default.


To answer/reject/end calls:

  • Double click for answer or end a call
  • Long touch to reject a call

Music playback control

  • Play/pause: double-click
  • Volume control: double click and keep your finger on the bud’s outer surfaced
  • Previous song: Long touch 1 sec on left earbud then remove your finger
  • Next song: Long touch 1 sec on right earbud then remove your finger


  • Siri and Google assistant: click 3 times left or right earbud’s outer surface
  • Game mode: Quick click 4 times for game mode. With game mode you will get best performance in connectivity and calls. Please note, in gaming mode, the batteries need charging more often.
  • Reset: Put two earphones onto the box and the white lights are on. When 'both white lights are on', you can long touch 5 secs till the lights quickly flashes 5 times, which indicates the reset is done.



Charging box
- One out of four lights indicates a need to recharge.
- Full four lights on the charging box indicate a full battery.
- If you have the earbuds on, you will hear thrice “Low battery” (approximately
when the battery has five, three, and one minute left)

- In most devices, you can see the low battery status in the Bluetooth settings.